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Regal Recycling 645 Lucy Rd Howell. MI 48843 Phone: (517) 546-3820
turnings  engines  can stock  bailing  drums and rotors  axles  frames  electric motors 
appliances  hot water heaters  washing machines  tin cans  rails  rims  transmissions  steel drums tin  and much more 
steel  cast iron  sheering steel  long steel  heavy melt steel  pig iron  torching steel  motors  farm equiptment 
busheling  iron  sheet iron  short steel  mixed steel  angle iron  rotors  machine cast  motor blocks 
Regal Recycling has the ability to process vast amounts of ferrous metals from  our State-Of-The-Art Howell facility. We can receive and process nearly all ferrous  metals. Here are some examples of our most popular ferrous metals currently being  purchased and recycled. . Please contact us directly for up to date pricing information. 
Regal Recycling also accepts and processes nearly all non ferrous metals in  many different ways to prepare it for transport as a recycled product. We will buy  recyclable non-ferrous materials at very competitive prices and we will accept your  non ferrous materials whether or not they are baled, sheared, smashed or boxed. We  can easily provide containers, steel holding tanks, roll bins, along with drums for your  facility. Listed below is a small example of the most popular materials of Non-Ferrous  metals that are currently being accepted and recycled at this location. 
Copper Aluminum  lead  stainless turnings  alloys  aluminum siding  #1 copper  insulated wire  radiators 
brass  stainless steel  batteries  aluminum turnings  precious metals  bare bright copper  #2 copper  aluminum clip  extruded aluminum 
production aluminum  stainless solids  aluminum rims  painted aluminum  aluminum foil  red brass  clean copper  new aluminum 
irony aluminum  catalytic converters  wheel weights  aluminum pool  aluminum cans  yellow brass  copper tubing  cast aluminum 
If you have material that is not listed on either of the ferrous or non-ferrous  listings, please contact one of our expert buyers directly. We are looking forward to  helping you with any recycling need you have. 
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